Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Buildtime Trend v0.3 is out

Visualise what's trending in your build process

Buildtime Trend Logo
I'm happy to inform you that Buildtime Trend v0.3 is released. Those of you using Buildtime Trend as a Service had a running preview of all the new features :

  • introduction of a worker queue to make processing build job logs more scalable
  • dashboard chart data can be filtered on build properties 
  • several new dashboard charts and layout improvements
  • enable Keen.io query caching to improve chart loading speed
  • the dashboard takes url parameters to set the refresh rate and the default settings for time interval and filter properties
  • a statistics dashboard is added to monitor usage of Buildtime Trend as a Service
Dashboard example
Dashboard example
More new features, improvements and changes can be found in the release notes and the Changelog files of the project components :
You can check out the dashboards of the projects that are already using Buildtime Trend as as Service :

Do you want to enable Buildtime Trend for your the build process of your project on Travis CI? It is easy to set up.

Buildtime Trend as a Service is currently available for free for Open Source projects, thanks to the kind people of Keen.io.


If you like Buildtime Trend, you are welcome to support the project, by making a donation. Donations will help pay for the hosting and support further development.

You can help make the project better : we welcome any kind of contributions.