Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Todo list

This post is a work in progress, listing things I would like to do in the near and more distant future.
Some may be completed soon, while others will take a long time or may never be completed.
While some items are in preparation of another item on the list, others have no set goal or defined purpose, yet. Thus, the items on this list are in no particular order :

  • Learning new programming languages and improving my knowledge of the ones I'm already familiar with :
  • Linux :

    • Finish the CLFS project for my old 486

    • Upgrade to a new version of LFS on my server

    • Get my encrypted external hard drive working in linux and windows

    • Learn more about the linux kernel and maybe participate in its development or that of another Open Source project

  • Continue work on some small PHP-projects

  • Think about the feasibility of the semantic web, Turing tests, universal machines and time travel.

  • (Re)paint my bathroom

  • Find a new hobby

  • Get a girlfriend