Thursday, July 19, 2012


Enough with resolutions, enter ambitions and goals (some of them longterm, other shorter term) :

  • pick up Java and/or C++
  • improve knowledge of OOP and design patterns
  • write an Android app (update December 17th 2012 : created a first 'Hello World!' app)
  • release a first beta of my PHP framework (update August 12th 2012 : it was released)
  • Easily run 10 km in about an hour by the end of summer 2012 (update August 23rd 2012 : I ran 10K in an hour. Next goal, improve pace and distance)
  • Improve swimming (technique, speed, stamina and style) : Now that I can do 2km breaststroke in under an hour, build up stamina doing a slow front crawl (250m without a break)
  • start doing another sport : wall climbing, pick up squash again?