Friday, September 01, 2006

Power failure

Yesterday, a power failure caused that there was no electricity in my block for a few hours.
In the afternoon, lights went out, the radio stopped playing, but what was worse, the refrigerator stopped too, as did my computers.
Having no radio is slightly discomforting, having no lights can be inconvenient, but as long as it's still bright enough outside, not very troublesome. The refrigerator having no power is not a problem at first, but if the power outage lasts too long, it will start to warm up. When this happens the food inside can be spoiled.
The computers are a different story. When a computers halts during a power failure, without proper shutdown can cause several problems like damage to the hardware or contents of the harddrive if they weren't yet written to the disk. It is possible that the computer won't boot after power is restored, or that important data is lost.

Luckily, power was restored after a few hours. Nothing was damaged and the refrigerator was still cool enough when it was restarted, so no food had to be thrown away.
All computers rebooted without problems and only a slight problem with a partition on a harddrive was detected. Fortunately this could be resolved easily.

I don't like it when power failures emerge, but taking into account that the outage lasted only 3 hours and that the previous power failure was more than a year ago, I can't realy complain.
But maybe I should invest in a UPS, to make sure my computers are protected when the next power failure happens.


Pierre Vis said...

UPS?! I know what it means, but if you could be so kind to repeat it once more.. ;-)

Dieter Adriaenssens said...

UPS is short for Uninterruptable Power Supply, and it is supposed to keep your PC (other electrical devices) running in case of a power failure.
Actually it is a battery which is being charged when power is available. When the power goes down, the battery takes over and the PC that is connected to the UPS still gets its power.
Because the power stored in the battery is limited, the UPS will run out of power after a while (this depends on the size of the battery and the power consumption of the PC).
The main goal of an UPS is to buffer power in case of short power outages (<5-10 min) or to supply power while the PC automaticaly shuts down properly.

When power is restored, the battery starts charging again. If the PC shut itself down, it has to be rebooted, but because it was able to shut down cleanly, their will be no problems when booting.

Unknown said...

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