Thursday, April 01, 2010

LHC detects something unexpected.

A few days after the first collisions in LHC, something strange has happened at the new particle accelerator at CERN.
Physicists noticed, this morning, some unexplainable activity in the detector of CMS, one of the experiments.
Remarkable, because there were no active beams at the time.
Investigations have started, to try and find an explanation for this fishy behaviour.
LHC managed to collide two 3,5 TeV beams of protons, for the first time on the 30th of March 2010, only a few days ago.
Something might have been created during those first collisions, that only now was detected.

Fascinating for some, troubling for others, as some critics feared that LHC might swallow the Earth.
Other options are faulty hardware in the detector, causing these unexpected events.
Only after some more tests, it will be certain if there is a flaw in the detection, or the discovery of something amazing.
Later today, more news will be available.

Update (2Apr2010) : As far as I know, everything is working fine at LHC. All experiments detect collisions as they should, because there were beams colliding now and at that moment. If you are wondering what this post is ranting about, check the date it was published and the first letters of each sentence. It might give you a clue. :p

Update 2 (2Apr2010) : Apparently, something was found.