Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spooks series 6

Spooks Series 6
A pure work of art, absolutely brilliant. That's how I would describe the new episodes of BBC drama series Spooks, of which series 6 started last week on BBC1.

The first story spans the first two episodes. In the first episode, a threat of a fast spreading lethal virus in London is introduced. In the second episode it gets even more harsh, when MI5 decides to abduct spies of befriended nations like USA, Russia and France and threats to infect them with the virus, to persuade them to reveal the location of the antidote. MI5 believes one of those nations manufactured the virus and must have produced an antidote as well, but are certain the only way to get them to admit this antidote exists, is by these extreme measures.
In the end the antidote is found and all infected victims are cured, but relations with intelligence services of befriended nations are very hostile because of the abduction. And this will most definitely dominate the storyline of the next episodes. I'm really looking forward to it.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Some time ago, I figured out I don't have enough time to spend on things I do, like doing and would like to do.
I realize it is impossible to create more time, so over the past few weeks I have come to the conclusion I need to be efficient at spending the available time and give priority to important and necessary things like sleeping and working.
As the academic year started a few weeks ago, I set a high priority to attending classes and studying as well, or this might be my last year as a student.
All others things, apart from spending time with friends and family, get a lower priority. This means I spend little to no time on certain activities, like attending meetings and staying up to speed with all details in the news. And some things I skipped totally, like going out during the week.

So the keyword in all this is priority, and acting according to it. This means I sometimes have to say no, or when I fail to do so, take the consequences by not being able to do something else.

Posting on this blog is one of the low priority things. It's not that there isn't anything to post about, but I lack the time and the motivation to write about it. When I feel like it, I will post something, if not, you can check the insert with shared news items on the right side of this blog. I add items regularly when I come along something that might be of some interest.