Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Time to move on?

Today I discovered that the Symfony framework does almost exactly (and more) what my own framework (FoRMAiD) aspires to be(come).
Now what? Start learning to use Symfony2 and cease further development of my own framework? Rewrite my own framework so that it builds on Symfony2 and add what is not available in it? Or stubornly ignore Symfony2 and continue as planned?

The first option, and maybe the second, seem appropriate, but still it is a bit disheartening to realise that all the time and effort that has gone into FoRMAiD might have been better spent.

But then again, I managed to create a working OOP based PHP framework, that is fully compliant with the PEAR coding standard. So I learned a lot and gained some valuable skills doing so. :)