Thursday, November 14, 2013

Choosing a name for my Android app

After finding out that the working title of my Android app already seems taken, and with a first release upcoming, it seems time to look for a good name.

First some explanation of what my app does (and will do in the future).

It is an Open Source Android app for finding your way back to a previously visited location, using GPS coordinates.

Imagine visiting a town, going to an event or doing some hiking. When finished, you have to find your car again, or the way to the station, or any other point where you started. Then the app is what you need. Store a location when you start your trip, and at the end of the day, use the app to find your way back to where you started.

In future it will be possible to share your location with friends, so that you can easily find each other at a festival or in town, or the ability to store multiple locations to select as a destination.

This is the result of a brainstorm so far :

  • Theseus, Knossos (in line with the current working title)
  • GoTo, GoToDestination, GoToLocation
  • FindDestination, FindMyDestination, DestinationFinder
  • FindLocation, LocationFinder
  • DestinationRadar, LocationRadar (inspired by future feature of the app to locate friends who also have the app, where 'FriendsRadar' could be an appropriate name)
Any other suggestions for a good name?