Tuesday, May 03, 2011


The front
For the last few weeks and months, I've been looking for a new place to live, but today I found a house that looked nice and affordable. So I bought it.
It sounds very simply put that way, but basically that's what I did. I visited it, inspected, decided to buy and came to an agreement with the current owner.

It's big enough for me, situated in a quiet neighborhood, close to my work, in a good state, and for a fair price.

But this is of course only the beginning of it. Now starts the hassle of securing a loan, planning to move, looking for cardboard boxes (to move things in, or if something goes wrong, to live in ;) ), start packing, notify my current landlord, and a lot of administration, ...

A lot of things to do in the next few weeks, that and going to work, mentoring for GSoC, and my normal every day and social live. :)

But it's all very exciting!

The view, old picture, the weather is much nicer at the moment ;)
The living room (not my furniture)
The stairs, quite fond of them actually.