Saturday, February 07, 2009

Green Plug Universal Power Adaptor

How many electronic devices do you have? A laptop, cell phone, MP3 player, external hard disc, GPS, ...
And each of them has its own adaptor, which can only be used with a specific device and isn't compatible with your other devices.
So you end up with several different adapters powering your devices, which results in a lot of cables that can get entangled, and which take up a lot of power plugs.
And if an adapter breaks, you have to buy a spare one from the original manufacturer, which costs a lot.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a universal adapter for all your electronic devices?
You would only have to take one adaptor with you, to charge your cell phone, MP3 player and laptop. If a friend or colleague forgot to take her or his adapter, he or she could easily use yours, even if he or she uses a laptop of a different brand.

Actually, there is an initiative to standardize power adaptors :
Green Plug Universal Power Adaptor.

GreenPlug Universal Adapter