Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

First and foremost : A happy 2010!
May your wishes come true, may you be prosperous in your endeavors and have good health!

For me 2009 was a year with some fruitful events, like getting a new job, but there was some disappointment and misfortune - my grandfather passed away - as well. Hopefully I will learn from all that occurred and keep a fond memory of the nice things that happened.

And now for the resolutions! Last year I had one big resolution : smile more. And I must say I managed to do that! There is still room for improvement, but it went well.
So this year's resolutions are :

  • smile (even) more!
  • Be happier, enjoy more and worry less
  • Read more
  • Find a goal, something to believe in
  • procrastinate less