Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Buildtime trend v0.1 released

Everyone likes graphs, trends and stats. This is also true when building software. Did you ever want to know how the total duration of your build process evolved over time? Did you ever wonder why your build process took so much longer all of a sudden, trying to figure out what part of the build process was responsible for this?

Build time trend example (click for realtime stats)

Buildtime trend lets you measure the time of all parts of the build process and creates nice graphs showing how long each build stage takes, and more.
You can easily integrate it with your Travis CI build process, or integrate it with your build process.
The timing data of your build process is then stored, analysed and visualised, using the API, resulting in nice graphs and charts.

In a future version, Buildtime trend will be able to get timing data from Travis CI, without having to manipulate the build config file. Support for other CI environments is on the roadmap as well. And of course, a lot more stats and charts and trends.

Suggestions and comments are welcome. Follow us on Twitter or submit a feature requests to the issue tracker.

Update : An example script in release v0.1 didn't handle extracting the release tarball well, it is fixed in v0.1.2