Tuesday, January 01, 2013

This was 2012!

2012 was great, here are some cool things I did :
  • went to FOSDEM, attended the phpMyAdmin team meeting, and showed two friends around in Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges
  • got into the top 3 of most active contributors on ohloh.net
  • successfully suggested a commission at my university to make their reports available sooner
  • improved my OOP skills, implementing composite and singleton design patterns and further abstracting my Open Source framework
  • participated in TransitieUGent, a platform for setting goals and actions for UGent to become more sustainable by 2020/2050.
  • had a lot of fun building a piƱata-like moose as a present for my sister's wedding
  • participated in an assessment test at work and passed
  • achieved swimming 2 km in less than an hour
  • created a document in LaTeX
  • holiday in Greece with some friends
  • released a first beta version of my web development framework, which is 100% compliant with PEAR coding style
  • started running and did 10 km in about an hour by the end of the summer  
  • made a linux server work as a TimeMachine storage device.
  • mentored Rouslan Placella for GSoC project : 'Removal of frames in phpMyAdmin'
  • subscribed for a weekly organic fruit package of De Wassende Maan
  • did a triathlon, doing swimming (2km), cycling (26km) and running (5km) on the same day
  • motivated his colleagues to come to work without a car, by pledging to run 100 meters for everyone that did, and eventually ran 4 km.
  • organised a trip for some friends to the opera 'La Damnation de Faust' by Berlioz, directed by Terry Gilliam. The opera was great, BTW.
  • attended Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit 2012 at Google HQ in Mountain View, California.
  • visited Yosemite National park again (organising the trip for some fellow Mentor Summit attendees)
  • started climbing (bouldering)
  • baked an apple cake for the first time and perfected it after a few tries.
  • got an award for 'motivating colleagues to come to work without a car'
  • released a first version of a lab instrument reservation tool at work
  • took on Android development, first creating a 'Hello World!' app and then starting to work on a small but a bit more complicated app, while exploring the possibilities of the Android framework
  • swam in a 50 meter swimming pool
And some other things that happened :
  • wedding of my sister
  • funeral of Wim
  • wedding of my steph brother
  • my other sister graduated as a teacher
  • mother moving to Hasselt
  • Brecht defended his PhD
  • wedding of Tho and Tine

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Madhura said...

Looks like you've had a great year and achieved a lot :)
Wish another great year ahead !!!