Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Ambitions 2013

After having reached some goals and having done some cool things in 2012, I set some ambitions and goals for 2013 (basically an updated version of the ones I set for 2012) :
  • pick up Java and/or C++
  • improve knowledge of OOP and design patterns
  • finish writing a first Android app
  • do a presentation/talk at a conference (FOSDEM, ...)
  • Improve pace and distance in running, after I recover from a knee injury. Next goal : 10 miles by April.
  • Improve swimming (technique, speed, stamina and style) : Build up stamina doing a slow front crawl. Next goal : 250m without a break
  • In 2012 I started wall climbing (bouldering), so I hope to improve my technique and muscular strength, as a preparation for some outdoor rock climbing.
  • Repeat the Car Free Day action, but this time on faculty level

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