Sunday, February 13, 2011


It's been great again. Over 5000 Open Source developers and enthousiasts meeting to share more than 200 hours of knowledge over the course of a weekend at FOSDEM 2011, held at campus Solbosch of ULB in Brussels, Belgium.
Last year I went there for the first time, for just one day, and I liked it so much I immediately decided to go back this year, but for the whole two days.

So there I was, on Saturday afternoon, after taking two trains, a metro and a bus, entering the ULB campus where FOSDEM is held, seeing the signs pointing to all different buildings and rooms where talks were held, the catering trucks, and a busy bunch of enthousiastic people.

I headed for the MySQL & Friends devroom, where I met some of the people of the phpMyAdmin team, which I joined last year. I hadn't met them before, so this was a nice opportunity.
These are some of the talks I attended on Saturday :

After this, we had a phpMyAdmin team dinner and afterwards I introduced them to  some fine Belgian beers.

Sunday was a bit chaotic, I hadn't planned to see that much talks, one of the talks I planned to attend was canceled, and I missed another one, because I left early to catch the canceled one (but I didn't know it at that time), but I still went to some :

After the last talk, it was time to go home. A special FOSDEM bus brought us back to the railway station, were I had some dinner before I headed home.
It was a nice weekend, with a nice Open atmosphere, again perfectly organized by and for the community.  In case you missed it, this was FOSDEM 2011 (a video artists impression).

I'm looking forward to next edition already!

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