Monday, February 07, 2011

Debian 6 (Squeeze) is released.

A few days ago, Debian 6.0, codename Squeeze, was released after a 2 year development period.

Of course this new release contains a lot of new stuff : lots of new and upgraded packages, faster booting because processes are started in parallel (if dependencies allow it), integration of grub2, volatile repository is replaced by squeeze-updates, ...

Because I want to use Tomcat 6 on a production server, I wanted to try the upgrade on a testbox. Everything went quite smoothly. All steps for upgrading from Debian 5.0 (Lenny) are clearly explained in the release notes (Chapter 4). The only thing that went wrong, in my case was the update of mysql-server. For some reason it was uninstalled, but the replacement package for the new version 5.1 was not installed.

After the upgrade process, I rebooted and I noticed grub 0.97 (now called grub-legacy) was still used, but it transfered the bootprocess to grub2. This worked like a charm, so then I ran  (as root) :

# upgrade-from-grub-legacy

to install grub2 in the MBR and boot from it. Rebooting went perfectly afterwards.

So far I'm quite pleased with squeeze and the upgrade process. I'll do the upgrade with my other boxes in the next few days.

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