Friday, July 27, 2007

Saving energy searching with Black Google

When displaying a screen with a white background a monitor consumes more energy than showing a black background. That's true at least for (older) CRT type of computer monitors. A study points out that a CRT monitor uses 75 Watts displaying a white background, but only consumes 59 Watts when showing an all black background.
This is not true for LCD type of monitors, as the background lighting is always on, even if some or all parts of the screen are black. But LCD monitors are far more energy efficient than CRT-monitors.

Using a site like Blackle, a version of popular Google search engine with a black background, could globaly save 750 Megawatts per year.


Krista said...

I really liked the idea of a Black Google that saves energy. I actually found a search site that is also powered by Google and uses a dark background that I think is better. Its called Greenback Search at Their motto is to give some green back hence the name. As well as the eco-friendly colors, they are donating part of their revenue from searches done on the site to, an organization that focuses on reducing the environmental impact of human activity. There are other nice features found on the site as well so check it out.

I am J said...

it's good sound for help the earth..