Monday, July 23, 2007


In May, no mail was delivered for nearly a fortnight in my town, because of a strike of the postal service.
During those two weeks, there was a national strike of the postal services, resulting in no mail delivery nationwide, for one day. Because of this one-day strike, the CEO of the postal service published a letter of apology (subscription needed) in all major newspapers.

Today, I, and all other inhabitants of my town, received a letter of the postal service, apologizing for the two week strike and all the trouble it caused. As a symbolic gesture, ten free stamps were included in the letter. Thank you, postal service!
But I would prefer not to have such a long term strike in the future, even if they offer me a thousand free stamps afterwards.

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Peter Dedecker said...

Wat ben je met gratis postzegels als je nooit papieren post verstuurt? Lang leve e-mail! Geen last van stakingen :-)