Thursday, February 09, 2012

Fosdem 2012 impressions

Back from FOSDEM 2012 and it was great again. More than 400 talks, about 5000 people attending, spread over multiple devrooms on ULB campus Solbosch in Brussels.

Listing everything I've done and seen is almost impossible, so I'll mention some highlights:

  • Coreboot is now available for a limited set of laptops
  • CERN is using Open Source Hardware
  • Tips and tricks for caching in web development
  • History of Open Source licenses, and other license related stuff
  • Team meeting with phpMyAdmin, outlining the future of the project
  • The talk of Freedombox mentions dreamplug : looks like a nice toy :)
  • Meeting a lot of people, both from my own team, people I've met at GSoC mentor summit, people from UGent and people I haven't met before
  • Community building : what works
  • Why Open Source should get non-geeks involved in their projects
And much, much more.

Looking forward to the next edition already : about 360 days to go. :)

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