Friday, February 15, 2008

Preparing for a new job

I mentioned earlier that I decided to stop studying and start working again.
Last month I've been looking for job opportunities, sending applications and preparing for interviews and selection tests.
Tomorrow and next Wednesday I'm invited for selection tests. The test I'm taking tomorrow is for a technical job, which is in line with my bachelor diploma in electromechanics.
The test and interview on Wednesday is for a systems administration job (IT), managing computers and servers running Linux. It's a bit like the job I currently have at Ghent University.
I also made an appointment with my previous employer, to talk about a job offer.

Today I decided to quit my current job by the beginning of the Easter Holidays and start working on a new job, somewhere near 1st of April. I'm hopeful to find a suitable job by then.

So the next few weeks, I will be doing interviews, waiting for reactions, finding a successor for my current job at the university and finish some small projects.

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