Saturday, September 22, 2007


Next monday, a new academic year starts. This means : new courses and new lectures.
So it is time to archive some of my previous courses and make room for the new ones.

As it happened to be, there was still studying material of my first year Eastern Studies somewhere on a shelve. Because I won't need it anymore, I switched to physics and astronomy two years ago, I put it together in two small piles, made a list of the courses in each pile and bound them together with a string. The piles are now stored with the other archived studying material in another room.

With the old material out of the way, the courses of last year, which where on my desk, now take the free spot on the shelve, as I might want to look something up during the next two semesters.
The available space on my desk will soon be taken by the new studying material for next semester.

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