Monday, May 21, 2007

No mail

The mail service in my town is on strike for over a week now. This means I, and all other inhabitants of my town, haven't received any mail since.
The employees of the mail service are on strike to protest against Georoute2, a software application that was implemented last summer to optimize the delivery of mail. They claim the work pressure has gone up since the new software is being used.

I can do a few days without mail, I'm expecting no important letters or bills. But now, the strike is on for more than a week, and I'm starting to wonder about a few things.
Is there any important mail for me, that is delayed now, because of the strike?
When will the strike end?
If the strike ends tomorrow, how many days will it take the postal service to deliver all delayed mail?
Isn't this going to cause even more work pressure for the employees, until all delayed mail is delivered?
If the strike takes much longer, will there be an alternative to get my mail?
What if I receive some bills past due date, because of the strike?

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