Monday, March 12, 2007

Old love rediscovered

This weekend I rediscovered something I haven't felt for quite some time now : I was very excited solving a mathematical problem. I was so excited, I lost track of time. It was after a few hours I realized I had been busy looking into the problem and looking up some stuff, without taking a break.
Last few years, most of the time when I'm studying or getting some work done, I get distracted after a time and I take a break or do something relaxing. Most difficult part is to stop taking a break and start studying again. And sometimes I'm taking more and longer breaks than that I spent time studying.

I haven't solved the particular problem yet, I have to look into it some more, but I'm eager to continue working on the problem and finding a solution.
I'm very glad I found this drive to solve problems again. I thought that I lost it, but now that I got it back again, I'm looking forward on digging into some more mathematical and physics problems.
I can't realy describe what it feels like to have found that drive again, but it feels very good. And I like it a lot!

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