Sunday, August 20, 2006

Silly climate

It has been raining a lot, today, tomorrow, last week, the whole current month. But last month (July) our country was hit be a heat wave. The weather in this region of the world is very strange and not very consistent. Winter lasted until May this year, as it was very cold and still snowing in April.
Officially it's still summer but according to some trees, fall has started, as those trees are already loosing their leaves. But maybe this was caused by the extreme heat of July.
One might think that the Monsoon season has begun, but the equator is not anywhere near where I live. Probably it's all caused by global warming.

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B.R.U.C.E said...

ik kan het niet helpen maar de titel doet mij denken aan the ministry of silly walks, leuker dan het weer op dit moment :-)